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Histories and Theories of Architecture 2: 1650-1943

Histories and Theories of Architecture 2: 1650-1943

This course examines architectural history and theory from the mid-17th century to the mid-20th century through built projects, drawings, and theoretical texts. The course traces critical shifts in architectural thinking and production in response to major socio-cultural, technological, political, and philosophical changes associated with modernity, social and scientific revolution, and industrialization.

Histories and Theories of Architecture 2 Course website here.

Lectures Include:

1. What is 'Modern'?

2. From Architekton to Architectus: The Vitruvian Tradition

3. Beauty and Representation around Leon Battista Alberti

4. The Rise of Modernity around Rene Descartes and Immanuel Kant

5. From Positive to Arbitrary: The Ancients and the Moderns

6. Palladio's Influence in the 17th and 18th Centuries

7. Early Neoclassicism: Toward a Graeco-Gothic Synthesis

8. Architectural Parlante

9. Late Neoclassicism around the Ecole des Beaux Arts